Communicate Messages With The Help of Virtual Mannequin / Hologram Person Assistant

The virtual mannequin from Virtual On creates a “holographic model” that enables the store to effectively and consistently communicate messages that are powerful, promotional, or informational. The hologram virtual presenter or hologram person, uses pre-prepared videos that could feature any person, thus giving a unique and distinctive touch to the way you promote your products or services. The Digital Host, Virtual Mannequin, Virtual Presenter or Hologram receptionist, is all about garnering instant attention. This life-sized model of the human figure or virtual assistant hologram, can be used in advertising and sales events or permanently in places such as airport, conference centres or building entrances. The Hologram Person, known as well Virtual Mannequin, uses the effect of a Virtual Assistant Hologram to give welcome messages, announce security messages or to manage a queue in an airport.

 The Amazing Benefits of the Virtual Mannequin, Hologram Person/Receptionist.

Virtual On’s Virtual Mannequin Presenter or Holographic Mannequin, is the ideal platform to deliver a message to the visitors, guests, or customers. The content is completely at your discretion, you could use the virtual mannequin as a virtual promoter to display a staff member, an actor, some famous personality, and more. The latest can make the virtual presenter or mannequin more interactive and it delivers the message more effectively. The Virtual Mannequin can be designed to be interactive, as the one created for Truma, which gives the audience the opportunity to choose different products. This new Hologram Receptionist is the ideal solution that works 24 hours, 7 days a week giving informational messaging and advertising in the language of your choice. The presenter can be a star, a famous person, a model or even you, promoting your product or brand. You can visit our portfolio page to see some of our work and read the guidance on how to make the filming. Give us a call or drop us an email using the contact form page, we are happy to talk to you about your ideas for your next project or event and give you our best advice!

Key features

  • Stand-alone unit
  • Adjustable HD projector
  • HD media content player
  • Available with interactive content design
  • Remote control/live assistance
  • Stereo speakers
  • Internal cooling system
  • Maintenance access


  • Male /Female/Caricature/Multilingual
  • Standard for short distance, Standard plus for long distance

 The Amazing Benefits of the Virtual Hologram Person Assistant

  • Using the digital host the audience is served with the most innovative way of delivering promotional or informational message.
  • The digital solution is fully customisable, which could fit any kind of brand and product for messaging.
  • With the Hologram mannequins, you get guaranteed message consistency.
  • The information is expressed the same way as you want it to be.
  • Connects with your audience to provide an entertaining and engaging experience, delivering a consistent and clear message.
  • The holographic virtual presenter could be multi-lingual.
  • Has been very effective in increasing sales.
  • Our Hologram Assistant is ready to buy or hire at very competitive price.

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