Specifications on how to do the Filming of a Virtual Mannequin/Assistant or Holographic Presenter

Write the right script

  • Simplicity is key.
  • Brief descriptions. Using pauses between the sentences works better.

Find the presenter

  • There are some limitations for expression through hand or body movements, so good facial expressions can help to make it more attractive.

Do the filming

  • Use a plain background with a good contrast, usually black or green.
  • Restrict body movement.
    • Using a hidden head support behind the presenter can be convenient to restrict movements and to ensure the position between video clips.
    • To reduce the eye and head movement and if the script is difficult to memorise, it is better to use a teleprompter instead of a written script.
  • The presenter can move the hands as long as they keep the elbows tight to maintain the same silhouette between video clips.
  • Verify that the presenter comes back to the same posture and facial expressions after each clip of filming.

Common mistakes using the digital host

At the time to do the filming, it is extremely important that the presenter avoids moving the elbows. Moving the elbows can cause an empty area in the screen. Secondly it is important to use the right illumination not only during filming but also the right settings in the projector.

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