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Portable and Virtual Escape Room

In Virtual On we are experts in WoW effects and disruptive displays, in our way to provide amazing effects to corporate event we decided to develop a conceptual idea, a different indoor team build activity. Based on the 70’s TV serie “Mission Impossible”, the challenge is given to a “selected team” (the players) at the beginning of the game to accomplish a numerous tasks in a specific period of time, we called it a “Virtual Escape Box“.

The experience provided instructions at the beginning by different sources like Augmented Reality, audio, and video so it does not require  human assistance.

The solution is portable, it does not take time to set up even in a large convention with multiple groups.

Complete Task in a Escape Box

Clues by Augmented Reality


The Escape Box is a portable version of a Escape Room providing the chance to move, install and use it at a large scale for a one day event without the need of big, unpractical and expensive installations.

It is an strong polypropylene box of 47 x 35 x 17.6 cm and  7.6 kg with a rechargeable battery of 5200 mAh and 5V DC 1A power input.

App based game help to large groups to split in smaller groups and resolve clues to help other members to unlock mechanisms. The app will provide instructions on how to play and further clues to resolve all the challenges on the “Escape Box“.

The multi media content will be branded with company logo, colours and even clues will be related with the customer’s type of activity.

Benefits of the Portable and Virtual Escape Box

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The Portable & Virtual Escape Box can be used with an external device, phone/tablet/kiosk screen to receive instructions through video, audio or augmented reality content.

The Portable & Virtual Escape Box offers a comprehensive and engaging experience by seamlessly integrating with external devices such as phones, tablets, or kiosk screens. With this innovative feature, participants can receive instructions through a variety of multimedia formats, including high-quality videos, clear audio guidance, and captivating augmented reality content. Whether you prefer visual demonstrations, step-by-step audio prompts, or immersive augmented reality elements, the Portable & Virtual Escape Box accommodates your preferred learning style. This flexibility allows you to dive into the intricacies of the escape room challenge, making it an immersive and interactive adventure that captivates your senses. By leveraging the power of video, audio, and augmented reality, the Portable & Virtual Escape Box ensures that you have a dynamic and engaging experience, enhancing your enjoyment and ensuring that every detail is communicated effectively.

Yes, the Portable & Virtual Escape Box can be used in multiple rooms at the same time, they work independent and it is easy to scale.

The Portable & Virtual Escape Box box is easy to scale. It is an indoor activity, so it can be used by multiple groups on corporate event without the need to leave the building to play outdoor.

Due to the fact that the Portable & Virtual Escape Box is customised for a specific event, it is designed for business use and not for personal use.

The time to finish and solve the Portable & Virtual Escape Box can be adjusted depending on the requirements.

A Portable & Virtual Escape Box is a box full of elements that require the user to solve clues in order to finish it. Different actions such as activating, moving, or unlocking mechnisims. It does not require a dedicated space or decoration, it can be use in any corporate event setup.


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