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Virtual On is the leading provider of audio-visual technology to enhance your communication with the targeted audience through new-age display and sound equipment. We are the prominent providers of exhibition displays, trade show booth rental, point of sale equipment and trade show displays. We have experience renting and selling exhibition equipment or shop window displays. Virtual On can help you providing solutions for your business to have an attention grabbing presence in any event, product launch, exhibits, trade shows, & more.

For the last years, we have provided our services to a wide variety of companies and businesses in different locations. For example, we had the opportunity to work together with Adidas in Paris and the UK for the launching of a new product. We went to Atlanta, to work with Merck, providing them with a full human size hologram for an exhibition. We are experts in providing full solutions for your business or project, get in touch with us by using  the contact form or give as a call to talk about your idea, together we can see if the best option for you is to buy or to rent our displays, and also how we can achieve your goal and give your audience the WOW factor.

When to Buy?

If you are looking forward to regularly participate in trade events, or will be coming up with frequent product launches, requiring you to invest into the advertising equipment for a long time, buying is the best option. In this way, you could relieve yourself from the hassle of contacting the solutions provider every time when you rent it. Also, rental rates are subject to change due to numerous factors. However, buying the technology in a one-time investment  will not be affected by future market changes. If the best option for you is to buy the equipment, Virtual On team will guide and advice you on how to install the displays. We can also provide video content for you to update or change the video content whenever you want or need it.

When To Rent?

When there are no frequent product launches, or if you are looking to participate on a selected trade shows throughout the year, renting would be the best solution. If you are attending an event or working to organize it, you may want to use some of our displays with no need of buying them. Other type of events such as the need of decorating a shop window display for a season, for example for Christmas, can be other time when renting could be the best choice. You can rent the displays and do the installation by yourself, or we can rent, do the delivery, set up and installation. If you visit our Portfolio page, you can find some of our projects and see that Virtual On’s team can go wherever a project takes us with our trade show display rentals!

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