Are Library books safe?

Various novel swine-origin influenza, bacteria, virus, colon bacillus, dust, fungus or infectious bacteria exist on library books in libraries. Chemicals such as ammonia, formaldehyde or xylene which is produced during book fabrication are well known as fatal material causing cancer. Old books are the habitats for book worms. It shortens book’s life time and results skin troubles for people.

What is a Professional Book Sterilizer?

It removes various viruses, disease-causing germs and colon bacillus even with DNA through UV ray disinfection and it is helpful to form comfortable and safe reading culture. Proven 99.9% disinfection products at the Korea Testing & Research Institute Maintain a noise less than 50dB, no worries about the noise during operation. More than 3 times compared to other competitor, never cares about 30,000 times ON/OFF to save the UV lamp replacement cost Internal rotation method to extend filter replacement by blocking the inflow of external dust particles. Powerful fan to get rid of the fine dust in the book, and the UV rays reach the inside of the book.

From 2 to 6 Books Capacity, Operation Screen and Advertise Screen Optional

book sterilizer models
UV book sterilizer machine for libraries

Main functionalities

book steriliser for libraries model 301 open top

UV lamp.

It disinfects various in book by using UV lamp (UV-C lamp) which radiates 253.7 wave length, which has most outstanding disinfection effect among UV wave lengths.

Internal Circulation.

Book disinfector uses internal circulation structure which does not take in external air. Therefore, no external dust flows in and removes dust from book efficiently and delaying filter replacement.

book steriliser for libraries model 301 open

Air Blower

Remove dust from books by the wind of fan, maintaining opening of books so that UV light can reach to inside of the book.

Phytoncide deodorant

This is non-toxin natural antimicrobial deodorant made with 100% natural vegetal material. It deposits on odor molecule and decompose. So odor is removed and fragrant phytoncide aroma sustains. It protects from salmonella, colon bacillus and staphylococcus aureus safely with its strong antimicrobial affect.

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