Transparent LCD Screen Panels

Transparent Screen exampleTransparent LCD Screens Panels are the latest innovation in LCD technology. These transparent screen are providing a range of new opportunities in retail, marketing, or entertainment displays. With the new transparent LCD display technology you will be able to promote products and show information on a screen while being able to see through it.

USB, HDMI & VGA connections are included in the package of transparent screen which allows you to connect a media player, PC or laptop to it. Transparent LCD screens are made to use a video content that shows or hide the physical objects behind the screen. It can be use as a Transparent Display showcase to use in shops or exhibitions or even as a Transparent Screen Fridge or Cooler.

Transparent touch screen technology can be combined with the transparent LCD screens opening a whole new way for retail displays, booths and they are especially useful when it comes to product launches and promotions.

It is important to remember that they require a back light, white LED back light is recommended to give the perfect brightness.

As Virtual On we provide Transparent LCD panels but we have also a 42″ Touch Transparent LCD Screen Display to hire for your next event.

Transparent Display – Options

47″ Transparent Screen Panel

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32″ Transparent Screen Panel

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Key Features

  • High Quality Display (1920×1080)
  • Convenient Set-up and Operation
  • Automatic Looping of the Supplied Video Content
  • Pedestal Stand Available

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