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Create Holographic a Logo Projections using:

Rear Projection Film and Rear Projection Screen


Our state-of-the-art Holographic & Shapely Projections  offer unparalleled visual experiences by utilizing advanced rear projection screen materials that can be seamlessly applied to glass surfaces. These cutting-edge displays showcase mesmerizing visual effects that captivate and engage your audience. With our clarity Transparent Holographic Rear Projection Films, you have a versatile solution for holographic displays, stage events, and exhibition shows.

Introducing Foil technology, we bring you the ability to effortlessly transform any window or glass partition into a dynamic digital display screen or rear projection screen. By simply applying our Rear Projection Film to the glass, you can create an immersive viewing experience. This innovative solution is perfect for dynamic advertising, promotional messaging, and corporate presentations, ensuring that your content is vibrant, easily readable, and holds everyone’s attention. With the flexibility to display or project in various shapes and sizes, our glass projection screen brings your visuals to life in an extraordinary way.

It looks great,😊 thank you for getting this done so late in the game


The presentations were a huge success! People loved the result of our collaboration. Can’t thank you enough for this wonderful experience

Filip Arickx, A.F. VANDEVORST

… if we would use a 3D movie again, we would definitely contact you again.

Jennifer Pizzeghello, SIEMENS

Huge thanks for all the support and flexibility to you and your team

Marcus Muc, LEGO

Thank you very much for helping us at such short notice, and thank you so much for the levitating display! They’ll love it.

Bemma Ntim-Donkoh, DISNEY

The Virtual Mannequin provided by you have been a big success during our recruitment events and I would like to appreciate all the hard work put in by you and your team.


Thanks so much for your professionalism everyone loved the hologram.

Pooja Kanabar, XYLEM INC

I am pleased to say that the airport has received numerous compliments for the Holograms that we have in the airport now!


Thank you for the impressive holographic installation at our exhibition booth in Atlanta. It added a unique and captivating element, making our presentation stand out. We appreciate your contribution to our success.

Melissa Peng, MERCK

Virtual On has provided a fantastic service, quick response times and amazing displays. Highly recommended.

Lauren Simon, LAUREN SIMON

Transparent Projection Screen Film to create a Holoscreen

Explore our diverse range of projects showcased in our Portfolio page to discover the endless possibilities of utilizing our window projection film and creating captivating transparent projection screens. Witness the versatility and creativity in various applications. Additionally, you can reach out to us through the contact form below or give us a call to share your ideas and requirements. With our team’s extensive experience, we are committed to providing you with expert advice and assistance in bringing your desired magic to life.

The Rear Projection Film offers a multitude of uses, from displaying your company logo or brand to showcasing engaging video presentations. Its content can be easily updated and scheduled to be displayed at specific days and times. Picture the impact of a Christmas message on your shop window or a celebrity endorsing your latest product – the possibilities are boundless with this remarkable Projection Film.

Whether you already have existing video content for back screen projection or need assistance in creating one from scratch, we have you covered. Our team can adapt your content to be seamlessly integrated into a window display or craft a unique and awe-inspiring projection that captivates anyone passing by your front door or windows. Let us join forces and help you achieve your goals with our expertise and dedication.

Key features

  • Easy to install film projection.

  • No dedicated projection room required

  • Space-effective design

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Enhanced mobility of screen and projector

Rigid & Film Screen any shape any size (Transparent Projection Film)

Holographic screenRigid Logo Projector/Transparent Projection Film

In situations where a window or glass panel is unavailable, our lightweight Rigid Holographic Projections Screens offer a versatile solution for both free-standing and suspended installations. These screens are specifically designed for demanding environments such as retail window displays, delivering exceptional brightness and clarity. Our logo projector, featuring transparent projection film, is the ideal choice when you require outstanding contrast and clarity with the use of Transparent Rear Projection Film.

From an aesthetic standpoint, our rigid screens offer a visually striking option, characterized by deep darkness, a remarkable contrast ratio, and impressive high definition and resolution. With a thickness ranging from 3 to 10 mm, our screens can be self-supporting based on their size and aspect ratio. They can also be mounted within a frame or suspended from overhead, providing flexible installation possibilities for your specific needs.

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    Rear Projection Film is an innovative and versatile adhesive film designed to be affixed to a flat, clean surface, typically used in scenarios where the projection needs to be done from behind the screen to create a visually appealing effect. One of the primary applications of rear projection film is turning a window, clear acrylic, or other transparent surface into a dynamic and interactive display.

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