Rear Projection Films

Shapely and holographic projections can be excellent ways to entice and engage your target audience to watch, and pay attention to what you are promoting or sharing with them. These are possible with high-quality transparent projection films that enable you to create and deliver outstanding visual displays that look futuristic and high-tech. The rear projection screen material can be set over glass to showcase stunning visual effects. It can be tailored for many different applications, like holographic displays, exhibition shows, and stage events. You can turn any glass partition or window into an innovative digital display screen.

These are the perfect solution for suspended or free-standing installations, too. The holographic films can be transparent, white, grey or black. However, the invisible screen effect works better with the dark multi touch foil, the darker the film the better and the more reflective it is, creating a better effect.

Transparent projection films may change the way your audience perceives your promotional or informative message with dynamic material. Hologram film may be used in sales, corporate presentations as well as advertising. This interactive touch film is easy to install, cost-effective, and space-effective as they do not require any dedicated projection room. Moreover, this projection film increases the mobility of the projector and screen. You can create impressive front store or window advertising attractive digital signage in places that can catch your audience’s attention.

High-quality transparent rear projection window film is made with superior optical technology for better contrast, enhanced black levels, and more brightness. That way, your digital content will still be visible and easy to discern, even in daylight or under high ambient light. Self-adhesive rear projection film is easy to apply to any flat surface. Some of its applications include marketing campaigns, museums, showrooms, shopping and retail centres, clubs, and pubs. You can purchase transparent projection films from a provider of 3D holographic displays and augmented or virtual reality solutions to a wide variety of sectors and customers located in UK, EU like Germany, France or UK, US mainly in New York, Virginia and California or Middle East.