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Refrigerator Transparent Door for Transparent Fridge

Glass Door with Transparent LCD for store - Virtual OnTransparent LCD screens installed as a cooler door or refrigerator transparent door, are an innovating way of presenting products as they can be seen through with a high resolution colourful video. The advantage of using the display coolers is that as well as seeing the video, customers are able to look inside and see the products being displayed. These new cooler or transparent lcd panel, enable customers to have the option to interact with different brands as well as having the option to be updated in real time for special deals and offers.
The Transparent Fridge are offered in different sizes and designs and in different colours to match the decoration, always highlighting your brand or product. The transparent door allows you to see the products inside while attracting visitors’ attention with the video content displayed in the screen. Having a transparent door in a fridge or cooler is very simple but at the same time, a very ingenious and modern change. Despite there aren’t many variations regarding the general exterior appearance of a transparent lcd fridge, once the Transparent Cooler door is on, and with an engaging video content, you can have the passer by attention for sure!

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Digital Synergy Glass Door with TLCD

Key Features

  • High Quality Display (1920×1080)
  • Improved transmittance (10.2%)
  • 24/7 reliable display panel or video fridge

  • High Performance & Cost-effective
  • Multimedia player based

Refrigerator Transparent door or Transparent LCD Door to adapt in your cooler

Virtual On cooler glass door series

The minimalist look of the transparent fridge or cooler and its distinguished approach to quality and detail make the fridge screen appealing for customers. The integrated pocket handle and panel grill are key aspects of the transparent fridge simplistic look. In the past with the conventional Coolers, you had to open the door, see what is inside and make your choice. Nowadays, you can see what is in offer, think about what you want, make your choice, and then pick it, and meanwhile, you can see the news or learning about the products in offer.

The ‘screen fridge’ or transparent fridge is available in various sizes, it is also important to keep in mind that colors, graphics and the digital content of the coolers can be changed and customized. From the distance, a transparent fridge can look like a classical fridge, but what makes it unique is the Transparent LCD screens placed in fridge door.

One of the capabilities of the Transparent Digital Coolers is that the front door can be turned into an interactive transparent screen. This can have different uses, for example, when it comes to choose a product, information about each product can be displayed in the Transparent Screen and within a menu, the customer can choose which one will pick. Another example, is the use of the transparent fridge or cooler to interact with children using a game or showing them a video according to their age or likes.
Transparent LCD Coolers can be used in bars, restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls and many more, they are adaptable to the needs and can be placed almost anywhere!

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    ask us

    Yes, a screen can be transparent, there are two types, active and passive. There are three types of active Transparent Screens: LCD, Oled, LED technology. A passive screen can be any transparent surface treated with special film or paint become reflective filtering part of the light received from a projector.

    The Transparent Screen Cooler is a refrigerator with an LCD transparent screen that allow to see the products inside, it allows to display video advert to promote a product or brand.

    The Transparent Screen Cooler comes in two screen sizes 32″ of 49″ depending on the cooler door size.

    Yes, the display is Plug and Play that means it does require any setup more than add the video file or an interactive software by inserting the USB memory.

    Changing content is very easy. Simply place the SD card with the new video content and the unit will start playing it.

    Yes. It can either be done by us or do it on your own, it depends on how specialised your video team is. Each display requires a different type of video so, knowing how to do it is key to enhance the experience. We strongly advice to let us to create the video content as per our experience even if it is a very good video developer company, more often they don’t know how to do it properly and its cause a poor customer experience or double cost as the video need to be done twice.

    Yes, you can connect any external device using the appropriate connection.

    No. It requires a 2D file such as AVI, MP4, WMV or similar, the 3D video format are used to create the animation, but it need to be rendered on 2D in any common format like MP4 to be played on the devices. This is also described in specific catalogue.

    Yes. The media player on the display will play all the supported files on the SD card in order. Once all videos have been played it will start again.

    Most of our displays such as Digital Signage, Holographic Display, Magic Mirror, Transparent Display and Virtual Mannequin support commune video formats like: MP4, WMV, AVI, MPEG.

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