LG transparent screenThe new LG transparent and magic mirror display is as much a mirror as the mirror you have in your home’s entry way and you can do everything you do on a smartphone or a computer. It includes built-in multi touch, minimal bezel and some other very handy functions that allows you to sync your family’s calendar or even call someone who lives right on the other side of the country. It is also useful to do various things at the same time such as look at a map and play a video, while you do this, other information is still live on the screen.
LG technology can be used in many different fields such as commercial ads or even for medical purposes. It can also be used for example, in a store, giving customers the opportunity to shop from there. This new technology has a colour gamut of 68- percent and transmittance of 11 – percent. LG plans to provide the technology as open frame, so companies will be able to easily customize it to their needs.