Original, Clever Eye Catching

Virtual presenter holograms are among the latest in the growing number of holographic technologies being used and marketed today. These hologram-like technologies are aimed at improving brand experiences by the intelligent and automatic delivery of highly targeted messages to customers. These systems use cutting edge virtual projectors and presenters, which leverage artificial intelligence holographic images and presentations both to greet and bid farewell to visitors and even inform them about a product, service, or the business in general. Holographic presentations like these are exceptional ways to attract audiences and wow potential clients in today’s increasingly demanding and competitive business landscape.

Many applications

A virtual presenter hologram can be used in many applications. This virtual presentation technology can be programmed and designed to act as a multilingual receptionist, trade shows product specialist, or even as an all-knowing concierge. It can be used to project presentations about a brand new products being launched, to help your message stand out in trade shows and exhibitions. This type of technology is a huge game changer as it allows you to capture the audience’s attention and put yourself in the cutting edge of technology, so people will perceive you as an innovative leader in your niche.

Deployed in a Wide Range of Formats

Not only can a virtual presenter hologram provide you with an engaging tool that can capture and hold people’s attention much longer than a typical signage, you also get to assess how well your message is being received by gathering and reviewing engagement information right at the point of contact with your target audience. Virtual presenter holograms are highly versatile tools that can be deployed in a wide range of formats to address your marketing needs. The holograms you present can be designed to project all kinds of computer generated images, from people to mascots, animals, and even virtual representations of your actual products.