There is a wide range of Digital signage software and some times it can be expensive, complicated and difficult to set up. Virtual On has introduced a new and innovated way to advertise your business. The idea is very simple, using a smart phone you can create a fun and engaging content and send it to the screen by pressing a button, is that easy!

It is suitable for restaurants menu boards, presentations, conference or exhibitions, advertising as well as many other applications. This is a very easy to use but flexible android based solution.

Please click to see a video showing how easy this system is to use for adding text and ‘stickers’ to create an amazing presentation in the matter of minutes.

The system allows you to:

  • Complete selection in the “Background Gallery”.
  • Write or select the font, size, and colour.
  • Use different brushes and drawings effects.
  • Include transition and schedule time and day.
  • Preview and send the data to the Clever Canvas screen.


Smart Canvas also has a tool to send instant update to the screen with the latest information in one click!

  • Set the background, set the brush / writing style and simply write your message.
  • Save and set the play mode including transition times.
  • Preview and send the data to the Clever Canvas.
  • The it simply plays on the Clever Canvas. SIMPLE.

smart-canvas-mobile-and-freestanding-canvasThe Virtual On complete systems includes the options of 24″, 27″ and 32″ optimized monitor based in Android, a tripod and the Smart Canvas App that you simply download to your tablet or phone to  design your presentation.

Although the image shows the easel stand which comes as a part of this solution the monitor can be simply wall mounted.

For more information and pricing please contact our main office on click here.