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Virtual Mannequin Solution for Exhibitions



We introduce you an innovating way of delivering promotional or informational messages to your audience.
The Virtual Hologram for sale is fully customized, it can fit any model you choose (male, female, age, etc.), depending on your brand or product. It can even be multilingual.
The message will reach to the people in the way you want it to be!




Virtual On’s Virtual Mannequin or Assistants also called Holographic Presenter,  is a new device you could to display a staff member, an actor, some famous personality, robots, avatar, caricatures or guard  and more.

Some of the amazing benefits to hire or buy a Virtual Mannequin.

The audience is served with the most innovative way of delivering promotional or informational message.
The digital solution is fully customisable, which could fit any kind of brand and product for messaging.
You get guaranteed message consistency.
The information is expressed the same way as you want it to be.
Connects with your audience to provide an entertaining and engaging experience, delivering a consistent and clear message.
The virtual mannequin could be multi-lingual.
Has been very effective in increasing sales for several brands.

Here is a list of its specifications:

Stand-alone mannequin (Male /Female/Caricature/Multilingual)
Stand tripod style, with: Projector, Stereo speakers
Do not include filming

Contact us for full extras information
Take a look to this video to see how this technology works.

We have an expert team to help you to create the video presentation.Be in touch with us to tell us about your idea or project, we will give you the best advice and price.

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