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Virtual Digital Blackboard 32″


Because of the merit to deliver the message easily to inform customers on each occasion, Advertising Board substitutes banners and posters and establishes itself as a Necessity of retail shops. Now meet Smart Canvas “Smart Evolution of Advertising Board”.

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CPU – Rockchip RK3188 Quad Core 1.6 Ghz
OS – Android 4.4 and above
Size – 100 X 40 X 10 mm
Memory – Mobile DDR3 2 GB
Memory Flash – SLC NAND Flash 8 GB
External Storage – TF card 1 slot
Display – Integrated Hi-Fi 1.4 transmitter with HDCP support LVDS LCD_Dual CH interface
Network – EMAC 10/100Mbps Ethernet
WIFI – 802.11 b,g,n (External Antenna)
Audio – Integrated HI-FI 100dB Audio Codec
MIC – Dual analog MIC / Digital audio SPDF
Hardware Key – Power ON/OFF
Power Supply – 12V5V Ac-DC Adapter
Relative Humidity – < 80%
Storage Temperature – 10 to 50
Operative Temperature – 0 to 50
Dimentions – H/W/D 560 X 365 X 18 mm
Weight 4.8Kg

The new Smart Canvas 32″  has become necessary for retail shops due to its effectiveness on delivering messages and advertising the shop by keeping customers informed. Now the new Smart canvas is the evolution of Advertising Boards.

Our new and innovating Drawing App enables users to catch attention even easier. You can draw eye-catching messages for customers any time and anywhere by just one click and your message will appear on the Smart Canvas with incredible effects.

As it consists of exclusive Drawing APP downloaded from Google Play Store and player goods of various structures, you can use selectively following the environment.

It can be easily used following the 4 steps

[draw->effect setup->preview->sending to canvas], and by using the provided tools which enables users to make professional looking marketing materials.
It not only shows messages with amazing effects but it also provides different functions such as the scheduling function or other ones such as time and date.

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