Holographic Screen With Projection System Size 90″

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Holographic Screen With Projection System Size 90″


Holographic rear projection screens filter the black giving an amazing holographic effect, the screen can be presented in portrait or panoramic view. Ask us if you need customised sizes.


If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to promote your products Holographic Screen may be the perfect solution for you. Visual technology has advanced to a level, where not only are you able to effectively present an idea or a product, but the spectators become mesmerised and are entertained as they watch the display.

Here is a list of its specifications:

Flexible projection any type of video content including caricature, presenter or Power Point style projection.
Stand tripod style, with: Projector, Stereo speakers
Do not include filming

Auto turn ON/OFF, schedule, interactivity or movement detection
Short through projector £480
Filming including: filming, studio hire, video editing suite, professional presenter £1490
Wooden Box for the £350 per two units (screen and stand)
We have an expert team to help you to create the video presentation. Be in touch with us to tell us about your idea or project, we will give you the best advice and quotation.

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