49″ Transparent Screen Panel

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49″ Transparent Screen Panel

This 47 “IPS transparent panels gives a superb wide viewing angle and a sharp and colorful image as never before, it is more transparent and vivid image to create a better advertising effect.

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Open Frame 47″ Transparent Screen Panel for customized projects are the solution to create a new environment to display products. The screen plays a pre programmed loop which can be anything from an interactive feedback file to a captivating video that will appear to interact with your product.

It comes with Full HD 1920 X 1080 and open frame,Narrow T-Con,Bezel with 39.95 mm (T), 17.5mm (L/R/B),Transparency 6.4%,Landscape & Portrait mode,24/7 Operation and 31% less energy consumption than RGB.

The Transparent Display is surprisingly versatile and can even be fitted to a custom-made refrigerator door or we also sell small fridges with the screen already attached to a glass refrigerator door.

It can be used in Advert. & Marketing, Cosmetics & Perfumes, Events & Exhibitions, Fashion & Shoes, Food & Drinks, Gadgets, Jewelry & Watches, Lobys & Receptions, Manufacturing,Museums & Galleries.

Virtual On also helps you with video creation, building a customized video solution that will help you in any kind of event. We are expert in video creation, always of course, under your specifications and requirements.

We have a team ready to work with you, please contact us and we will do our best to provide the best solution for your business.

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