Here are more details about the hologram technology for sale:

270º 3 sided viewing
• Combine physical objects with holographic content
• High quality 3 mm glass optic
• Dirt resistant coating on optic
• Automatic and manually control spotlight
• Remote Up/Download of content via FTP
• Bright and sharp picture quality
• Easy change of content
• Key protected backdoor
• Seven push bottom for easy operation
• Built-in loudspeakers
• HDMI input for interactivity
• Programmable on/off timer

This 3D projector or hologram device is one of the easiest display to use in shops, shows or exhibitions. The catching effect of a 3D hologram pyramid allows you to showcase your brand, company logo or your product in a new and catching way. The hologram projector price can vary, the holograms technology for sale is a great compliment on your business, the large hologram projector can be seen as a hologram TV but it is more catching and innovative.