Hire Our Displays for Day or Week

Our service to hire covers the most requested eye catching displays, including displays such as Holographic, Transparent Screen or Levitation Displays including stands and custom made printed skins.

We take great pride in the quality of our equipment to hire; they are maintained to high standard levels and are always ready to be packed and shipped out for those urgent and some times last minute events. If needed, we can also do the delivery, set-up and collection, at a convenient time and location anywhere in the UK.

When it comes to hiring equipment, that’s why we don’t just offer displays, we offer the hole solution, our staff is on hand to recommend the most suitable solutions to fit your available space and offer the highest WOW factor.

  • Levitation Display 4 kg from EU Levitation Base 4 Kg from EU

    TO HIRE – Levitation Display 4 KG support

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        Hire cost is per week and does not include delivery. Contact us per weekly deals.    
  • holodisplay 3 holodisplay 7
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      Price is per week. If you can't afford to buy hologram machine or you are not sure about it, you can rent our Holographic Pyramid Projectors as a solution for your next exhibition. The rental period for the hologram projectors pyramid includes delivery and collection days. To rent it for more than one day please add more unit to the basket, one unit per rental day or contact us to know this hologram projector price, this 3d hologram projector for sale as well. Ask for extras:
    • Stand
    • Magnetic printed skin for the stand
    • Interactivity
    • Video content
  • LED fan display Holo fan 4 blades
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    • Support common format video, GIF and picture files
    • Indoor only, it must need a protection cover
    • Video content is uploaded by an App
  • virtualon-shelf-virtual-promoter virtual-presenter-shelf-virtualon
    Virtual Shelf Promoter is a custom made product and one of the best devices to lift up products in the supermarket counter top or shelf and help the promotions efforts in POS.
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  • Android-Advertising-Displays-Wall-Mounted-shop Android-Advertising-Displays-Application-Wall -Mount-shop
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    • The plug and play feature makes it easy and simple to upload content to the screen by just loading it through a USB stick.
    • LED backlight provides with better brightness and contrast as well as reducing the power consumption.
    • IPS panels are installed and they are brighter than any other home TV as well as delivering better quality image.
    • The display can be used in both portrait and landscape and it comes with a free mount wall in order to put it onto the wall.
    • It is designed to be used in commercial application and able to run 24/7 without any problems.
    • The screen can also be used as a monitor through the different ports available.
  • Virtual Presenter to hire Virtual Presenter working space 1
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        Price is per normal 1 to 3 days event. We introduce you an innovating way of delivering promotional or informational messages to your audience. The message will reach to the people in the way you want it to be!    
  • Holographic device XL Holo Display_xl feature
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      Price is per event max. of 7 days. The Dreamoc XL3 is a 270° 3 Sided Holographic Display, which lets you combine a physical product with a 3D holographic content. You can open into the chamber, where you can place your product to display. It has HD resolution and built-in sound.    
  • Holographic Display for Bottles Holographic Display (Marketing campaign)
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      It represents a revolutionary way to advertise in three dimensions. With a simple design, small format, this model generates a strong visual impact on the viewer or consumer. This model is a very suitable showcase for companies that require a large number of exposure points. The holographic vision provides ample perspective of the product. Combining real physical objects with holographic 3d images.  
    • Integrates physical product and video content.
    • Available for customized.
    • Visually stunning display.
    • High display transparency.
    • Powerful LED back light.
    • High reliability and lifetime.
    • ”Plug and Play” easy setup.
    • Easy change content by SD Card.
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