Project Description

Three sided XL Holographic Display used in Global Urban & Advanced Air Summit (GUAAS).

We had the privilege of showcasing our XL Holographic display at the prestigious Global Urban & Advanced Air Summit (GUAAS) held at the renowned Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre. This cutting-edge exhibition, dedicated to air taxis, provided the perfect platform for us to demonstrate the incredible potential of our holographic technology.

Working in collaboration with Sonovision, a leading provider of multimedia solutions, and our esteemed customer, Ultra Precision Control Systems, a renowned UK-based provider of high integrity control products for aerospace and military applications, we delivered a mesmerizing installation that left a lasting impression on event attendees.

The XL Holographic showcase, with its immersive three-sided view, became the centerpiece of the exhibition, instantly capturing the attention of visitors and drawing them to our stand. Its captivating video content and lifelike holographic projections showcased the innovative capabilities of air taxis, showcasing the future of urban transportation. The success of the display was evident in the engaged and intrigued reactions of the attendees, leaving Ultra Precision Control Systems delighted with the results and reaffirming our commitment to delivering impactful communication tools that drive customer satisfaction.

In summary, our participation in the Global Urban & Advanced Air Summit with our three-sided XL Holographic showcase was an outstanding success. With Sonovision’s expertise in managing the installation and video content, and the unwavering support of our customer, Ultra Precision Control Systems, we created a captivating and attention-grabbing display that not only stopped visitors in their tracks but also fostered a sense of wonder and excitement about the possibilities of air taxis. Another satisfied customer and a testament to the power of our holographic technology in delivering immersive experiences.

Holographic air taxi Dreamoc XL3 exhibition farmborough air show

Services Provided

  • Holographic Display XL

  • Stand XL

  • Delivery

  • Installation