Project Description

Three sided XL Holographic Display used in Global Urban & Advanced Air Summit (GUAAS).

We provided a three sided view XL Holographic showcase as part of a communication tool in a exhibition dedicated to air taxis taking place at the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre on 2-3 March 2022 named Global Urban & Advanced Air Summit (GUAAS).

The  installation and video content was managed by Sonovision and the customer was Ultra Precision Control Systems  a provider of high integrity control products for aerospace, military vehicle and soldier applications based in the UK.

The display had a great success on the event stopping visitors, capturing their attention and bringing them to the stand. One more happy customer and pleased with the results.

Holographic air taxi Dreamoc XL3 exhibition farmborough air show

Services Provided

  • Holographic Display XL

  • Stand XL

  • Delivery

  • Installation