Project Description

Virtual avatar in New York

Virtual Robot at EY Event, New York

Virtual On successfully created a Virtual Mannequin or Avatar, inspired by Morris, a remarkable robot originating from the UK that serves as an attention-grabbing attraction at exhibitions and shows. This project presented unique challenges as we meticulously designed and animated the forearms, hands, mouse, and eyes to synchronize seamlessly with the audio, ensuring a lifelike replication. The outcome was an identical robot possessing the ability to showcase captivating special effects. Notably, the accompanying video demonstrates the inclusion of effects like smoke, which greatly enhances the impact of the script. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Gatehouse Consulting for entrusting us with this remarkable endeavour.

Office Test

Final Video to Project with Effects

The Original Robot

Forearms Creation and Animation

Products supplied

  • Cut to shape screen

  • Projector

  • Media Player

  • Stand

  • Screen base

  • Audio system

  • Video content based in pictures and 3D animation