Project Description

virtual presenter for exhibitions

Our Virtual Mannequins have emerged as a top-tier display solution, captivating visitors and leaving them awe-inspired at exhibitions and events. Recently, Verified Clinical Trials a prominent New York-based business operating in the health sector, has chosen to utilize Virtual Mannequins for their upcoming exhibitions across the United States. The project entailed meticulously filming the presenter, incorporating a brief silent introduction followed by a well-crafted script. To enhance the visual impact, we carefully designed the display to perfectly outline the presenter’s form on the screen, resulting in a truly astonishing presentation. The Virtual Mannequins not only capture the attention of passersby but also engage them with a remarkable visual experience. With their lifelike appearance and captivating content, these displays are sure to make a lasting impression on exhibition attendees.

Products supplied

  • Filming and adjustment of the video content

  • Cut screen to shape

  • Projector

  • Media Player

  • Stand

  • Screen base