Project Description

Couching sessions by Steve Jobs as a Virtual Mannequin in Web Summit, Lisbon Portugal

Virtual On embarked on an exciting venture to Lisbon, Portugal to install a cutting-edge Virtual Mannequin at the highly acclaimed Web Summit. This exceptional installation aimed to captivate and engage attendees in a unique and immersive experience. The star of the show was none other than a remarkably lifelike Virtual Steve Jobs, who took on the role of a virtual coach, offering insightful and inspiring coaching sessions to the fascinated visitors.

The impact of the Virtual Mannequin was truly awe-inspiring. As visitors interacted with the virtual representation of Steve Jobs, answering his questions and receiving guidance, a sense of wonder and excitement filled the air. The level of realism and interactivity achieved by the Virtual Mannequin left a lasting impression on everyone who had the opportunity to engage with this cutting-edge technology.

To ensure the success of this installation, Virtual On provided comprehensive services, including the delivery, set up, and on-site technical support. The dedicated team of experts ensured that every aspect of the Virtual Mannequin setup was meticulously handled, allowing the attendees to fully immerse themselves in the experience without any glitches or interruptions.

Partnering with coach4charity, Virtual On showcased the immense potential of virtual technology in creating engaging and memorable experiences. This collaboration not only highlighted the innovative capabilities of Virtual On but also demonstrated the power of technology to connect, inspire, and entertain.

The Virtual Mannequin installation at the Web Summit in Lisbon was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on the attendees and reaffirming Virtual On’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of virtual experiences. Through the seamless fusion of technology and creativity, Virtual On continues to revolutionize the way we interact, learn, and engage in the digital age.

Services Provided

  • Virtual Mannequin Display

  • External audio system

  • Hardware needed for interaction

  • Installation in Lisbon, Portugal

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