Project Description

Carthage 360° for VR Virtual Reality with virtual presenter

An architectural reconstruction is appearing at the same time that it is explained, the new layer match perfectly so it creates an impressive reconstruction as it was in the past even with people filling the scene.

The enchanting city of Carthage was captured using a 360° filming technique, which offers a panoramic view of its stunning landscapes and historical sites. To provide a deeper understanding of the visuals and guide viewers through the experience, a virtual presenter was incorporated at the top of the video, offering insightful commentary about the significance of the surroundings and what unfolds throughout the footage.

As the virtual presenter shares information, a remarkable architectural reconstruction seamlessly emerges in synchronization with the narration. This intricate layering of visuals creates a truly awe-inspiring depiction of Carthage as it existed in the past, complete with bustling scenes of people, bringing the historical setting to life with remarkable authenticity.

Through the innovative use of 360° filming, virtual presenters, and expertly crafted architectural reconstructions, we invite viewers to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of Carthage and witness its captivating history unfold before their eyes. The combination of panoramic views, insightful commentary, and meticulously designed visuals ensures an engaging and immersive experience that transports viewers to a bygone era.

Products supplied

  • 360° Video

  • Virtual Presenter

  • Architectural reconstruction