Project Description

Video Production is a Key Component of our Visual Experience

At Virtual On we are experts on creating that WOW factor that every business and company wants to deliver to their customers. This can be achieve not only using cool displays, but also having amazing and catching video content. Virtual On has a team of experts that work to bring your idea to life. We will not rest until you can see your idea shining in our displays!

Check out some samples of our vast of visual content custom made for specific eye catching displays such as:

Type of Video Production

  • VR & 360 VFX

  • VFX (visual effects)

  • 3D Modeling

  • 360 Motion Tracking (Studio)

  • Motion Tracking (Suit)

  • 360 Filming for VR

  • 360 / VR programming

  • 360 / VR post-production

  • Film production

Main markets