Project Description

Holographic Presenter on the Holographic Display XL

We showcased an impressive XL Holographic Display to Nebosh, where a captivating hologram delivered their message. The concept was met with great enthusiasm!

Our primary objective was to present the services in a captivating and compelling manner. The presenter materialized from within a book, effectively conveying important health and safety messages. The animated visuals unquestionably achieved our goals, resulting in an informative and captivating experience.

To fulfil the requirements of this project, we provided two Holographic Display units: a 23″ unit and an XL pyramid unit, each equipped with its flight case and stand. One unit was designated for internal use, while the second unit was specifically intended for events.

Services Provided

  • Holographic Display Standard and Stand

  • Holographic Display XL and Stand

  • Video Animation

  • Setup

Main markets