Project Description

A Holographic Visitor’s Interactive Experience is now Open in UCL, Engineering Building


Location: University College London (UCL)
Venue: Main reception area
Customer: University College London (UCL)

Services Provided:

  • Holographic Display XL
  • Stand
  • Video Animation
  • Installation in London

The primary objective was to fulfil UCL’s vision of an interactive holographic display that could showcase student-generated video content while providing viewers with a unique visual experience. The goal was to engage students, faculty, and visitors by offering them an immersive and interactive display at the main reception area.

Virtual On successfully delivered the interactive holographic display. by incorporating advanced technology and dynamic video content. The XL Holographic Display, strategically positioned at the main reception area, captivated the attention of the audience. The touch screen interface allowed visitors to explore various messages, including a warm welcome by the director and captivating animations illustrating complex concepts such as tumour growth.

The collaboration resulted in the successful implementation of the interactive holographic display, which effectively showcased student-generated video content while providing viewers with a unique visual experience. The display garnered attention from students, faculty, and visitors, enhancing the overall ambiance of the main reception area at UCL.

The feedback received from UCL was overwhelmingly positive, with students, faculty, and visitors expressing delight and fascination with the interactive holographic display. Many commented on how engaging and innovative the display was, and it successfully achieved the objective of creating a memorable experience for everyone who interacted with it. UCL appreciated Virtual On’s professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail throughout the collaboration process.

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