Project Description

A Holographic Visitor’s Interactive Experience is now Open in UCL, Engineering Building

Virtual On collaborated with University College London (UCL) to fulfill their vision of an interactive holographic display that could showcase student-generated video content while providing viewers with a unique visual experience. Our team successfully delivered a cutting-edge Holographic Display featuring a touch screen interface and dynamic video content. This state-of-the-art display allows visitors to explore a variety of messages, ranging from a warm welcome by the director to captivating animations illustrating complex concepts such as tumour growth.

Strategically positioned at the main reception area, the XL Holographic Display captivates the attention of students, faculty, and visitors alike. Virtual On provided the complete solution, including the XL display and stand, captivating video content, and efficient installation.

Please note that we are unable to showcase all of the exclusive video content developed for UCL due to our commitment to privacy and confidentiality agreements.


Services Provided

  • Holographic Display XL

  • Stand

  • Video Animation

  • Installation in London

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