Project Description

Virtual Mannequins at Prince of Wales aircraft carrier

Location: Prince of Wales aircraft carrier
Venue: Babcock International
Customer: Babcock International

Services Provided:

  • Virtual Mannequins
  • Stand with projector, media player and audio system
  • Motion sensor and random mode to play video clips in different order when activated
  • Schedule video publish time
  • Graphic design
  • Filming
  • Tracking motion

To reinforce health and safety procedures among the two thousand workers stationed on the Prince of Wales aircraft carrier through the use of Virtual Mannequins.

Virtual On meticulously crafted and supplied two Virtual Mannequins designed to meet health and safety requirements. They also produced video content and integrated glasses using advanced motion tracking techniques. The system was equipped with a motion sensor for activation of informative messages as individuals approached.

The Virtual Mannequins have received an overwhelmingly positive response from workers, effectively promoting a culture of safety throughout their work environment.

Workers appreciate the effectiveness and impact of the Virtual Mannequins in reinforcing health and safety procedures.