Project Description

The Transparent Screen Display is an exciting addition to the usual window display: A thin LCD touch screen overlays your own display case (or we can provide a case to fit your needs) with the product placed inside. The screen plays a pre-programed loop which can be anything from an interactive feedback file to a captivating video that will appear to interact with your product.

The screens come in a number of sizes ranging from 25 cm (10 in) to 165 cm (65 in), it is portable and easy to set up, we can either provide custom content or you could create your own 2D show and load it directly to the built-in media player using an SD card. The Transparent Display creates a captivating combination between the actual product and the virtual display.

The Transparent Display is surprisingly versatile and can even be fitted to a custom-made refrigerator door or we also sell small fridges with the screen already attached to a glass refrigerator door.

Take a look to this video to see same samples.

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