Project Description

Transparent Display at WOUNDS 2016

The National Conference and Exhibition WOUNDS, held in Leeds, provided an excellent platform for us to showcase the innovative Transparent Display. Our collaboration with Oliver Agency resulted in a compelling promotional campaign for the Tegaderm Foam Family by 3M.

At the event, we proudly presented our Transparent Display, which seamlessly integrated with the exhibition stand. Its translucent nature allowed the product to be showcased in a visually captivating way, capturing the attention of attendees. The concept and video content, meticulously crafted by Oliver Agency, effectively highlighted the features and benefits of the Tegaderm Foam Family.

Alongside the Transparent Display, we also provided a professionally designed stand that complemented the overall presentation. Additionally, printed skins were utilized to further enhance the visual appeal and reinforce brand messaging. The combination of these elements created a cohesive and impactful display, leaving a lasting impression on visitors at the National Conference and Exhibition WOUNDS.