Project Description

Logo and Shapely Projections

By utilizing Rear Projection Film, we were able to achieve a captivating effect on the front window of ANTEL, a prominent telecommunication company in Uruguay. The implementation of Shapely or Logo Projection on the window served as a remarkable way to capture the attention of passersby, whether they were on foot, in a vehicle, or using public transportation.

Front window projections offer a unique opportunity to communicate messages projected from within the shop, surpassing the limitations of a traditional screen. These projections are larger in size and strategically designed to be visible during the early evening hours, creating a captivating spectacle for anyone who comes across them.

Virtual On specializes in innovative visual solutions, and our expertise in utilizing Rear Projection Film enables us to transform ordinary windows into eye-catching displays. With our creative approach, we can help businesses effectively engage with their audience and leave a lasting impression with impactful front window projections.

Products and Services Supplied

  • Rear Projection Film

  • Projector

  • Video Content

  • Instalation