Project Description

Rear Volumetric Projection inside a Holographic Display for GSK

The integration of Rear Volumetric Projection within a Holographic Display , developed by White Space Creative Solutions, presents a ground breaking concept that merges holography with rear projection technology. This innovative system involves placing a book within a holographic display, where the video content is projected from the bottom, creating mesmerizing reflections on the book’s surface while surrounding it with captivating holographic imagery. The result is a truly captivating and visually striking effect. GSK, a prominent multinational company, utilized this unique display solution in both London and NYC as a corporate showcase for internal events, demonstrating their commitment to cutting-edge visual experiences and captivating their audience with an unforgettable display.

Products and Services Supplied

  • Holographic Display

  • Stand

  • Printed skin (stand and display)

  • Pico Projector

  • Volumetric book with special rear projection cover

  • Flight Cases for display and stand to transport it to US