Project Description

Portable Big Hologram, ALDE Party, Dublin, Ireland The Convention Centre Dublin

Location: ALDE Party Congress Dublin 2022
Venue: Convention Centre of Dublin, Ireland
Customer: ALDE Party Agency: Virtual On

Services Provided:

  • Holographic LED projection system 150cm
  • Metal stand
  • Technician
  • Video animation
  • Programming

For the ALDE Party Congress Dublin 2022, held from 2-4 June, Virtual On aimed to introduce a monumental 150 cm Holographic LED Fan on both the stage and the foyer. The objective was to provide a captivating and awe-inspiring complement to the overall ambiance of the prestigious event, leaving attendees amazed and engrossed in the visual marvel.

In collaboration with a team of talented creatives, Virtual On created an exceptional video content experience specifically tailored for the ALDE Party Congress. The content featured a dynamic rotation of logos, seamlessly transitioning from one to another, symbolizing the diverse representation of parties and organizations present at the congress. A mesmerizing holographic representation of the party president and a visually stunning countdown with a corporate style were included to add grandeur and sophistication, heightening the sense of anticipation and engagement among the audience.

The combination of Virtual On’s state-of-the-art Holographic LED Fan and meticulously crafted video content brought an air of enchantment and sophistication to the ALDE Party Congress. Delegates experienced an immersive display that seamlessly merged technology and artistry, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed it.

Customer’s Feedback
The success of the monumental Holographic LED Fan installation and the impact of the video content showcased Virtual On’s commitment to delivering impactful and memorable visual solutions. The company is honoured to have played a part in enhancing the overall atmosphere and significance of this esteemed event.

  • Holographic LED Projection System 150cm

  • Metal stand

  • Technician

  • Video Animation

  • Programming

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