Project Description

Outdoor PCAP Freestanding Multi Touch Screen Posters Totem

Outdoor Freestanding Touch Screen Posters provide with the perfect technology to go outdoors. They are weather resistant, their touch screen function is great for customers interaction. Virtual On provides with the display, video content as well as installation to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

Elevate your outdoor advertising with Outdoor Freestanding Touch Screen Posters, the perfect technological solution for engaging audiences in outdoor environments. These posters are specifically designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring durability and reliability throughout the year.

One of the key features of these outdoor posters is their interactive touch screen functionality, allowing customers to actively engage with the content displayed. Whether it’s browsing through product information, accessing promotional videos, or exploring interactive elements, the touch screen capability enhances the overall customer experience and encourages deeper engagement.

Virtual On takes care of all aspects of implementing these Outdoor Freestanding Touch Screen Posters. Our comprehensive services include providing the display itself, developing compelling video content tailored to your brand and messaging, and ensuring a seamless installation process. We understand the importance of a hassle-free experience, and our team works diligently to make the entire process as smooth and efficient as possible.

With Outdoor Freestanding Touch Screen Posters, you can effectively capture the attention of passers-by, deliver impactful messages, and create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. Reach your target audience in outdoor settings such as shopping centres, parks, transportation hubs, and any high-traffic areas where visibility and customer engagement are crucial.

Experience the power of interactive outdoor advertising with Virtual On’s Outdoor Freestanding Touch Screen Posters. Contact our team today to explore how this innovative solution can transform your outdoor marketing efforts and drive greater customer engagement.

Services Provided

  • Hardware

  • Video Content

  • Programming

  • Installation

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