Project Description

Multi Hologram Displays Event at Sushi Samba, 38th Floor of Heron Tower in Central London

The launch of Ploom in Europe at the Heron Tower’s 38th floor was a resounding success, thanks to TOR agency’s exceptional event planning. Virtual On contributed to the event’s wow factor by providing a range of captivating displays, including various sizes of Holographic LED Fans and other Holographic Displays. These cutting-edge visual solutions mesmerized attendees and added an immersive element to the occasion.

By seamlessly integrating our advanced holographic technology into the event setup, Virtual On helped create a memorable and engaging experience for the Ploom launch. The combination of TOR agency’s meticulous planning and our innovative holographic displays resulted in an event that left a lasting impression on guests. The captivating visuals not only entertained but also effectively conveyed the essence of the Ploom brand and its introduction to the European market.

By selecting the prestigious Heron Tower as the venue and incorporating Virtual On’s impressive holographic displays, the event organizers successfully captivated the audience and made a significant impact. The launch of Ploom in Europe became a standout event, where Virtual On’s holographic solutions played a central role in delivering an unforgettable experience that set the stage for the brand’s successful entry into the European market.

Services Provided

  • Holographic LED Fan Display 65, 150, 180cm

  • 23″ Holographic Display

  • Video Content Production

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