Project Description

Our Levitation Display uses cutting edge electromagnetic technology to take your product to new heights. The product will rotate gently in the air giving a 360° view of the object on display.

We offer two models and 5 sizes:

Optical Levitation Base – The Optical base offers very stable floating device with no set up required. It comes in three different sizes and can take from 1kg to 10kg of weight. The base itself is quite slim and can be easily disguised to add to the illusion. There still must be a hole in order for the levitation to work.
Standard Levitation Base – The Standard Base is a very affordable levitation option. Its base is thicker than the optical base but can be disguised completely as it does not require a hole. The Standard Base comes in two sizes and can take from 1kg to 2kg of weight. It does require some set up for the levitation to work properly.

Check here to see it working and the different models.

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