Project Description

Magic mirror for Hendricks Gin experience.

For this project, Virtual On provided optics to create the Magic Digital Mirror effect in the Hendricks Gin Experience Centre, our partner Lairds was in charge of the electronics integration.

The Hendrick’s Gin Palace is located in the seaside village of Girvan, in the south-west Scotland of Scotland.  The distillery lies just a mile inland and overlooks the mysterious volcanic island of Ailsa Craig. This alluring outcrop lies uninhabited, save for a few gannets and puffins, but features in many local legends.

The Magic Mirror optics, were installed also behind the bar in the firth pavilion of the Seamill Hydro Hotel, which is a large luxury hotel on the stunning Ayrshire coast of Scotland, only meters from the beach. To see more details of the installation please click the link.

It is great to see how impressed both customers were with the finished product. It was a great work and a pleasure to work with Lairds, check the pictures below to see how both projects look and to have a better idea of the services provided.

Virtual On can provide the optics, as it was in this case, or we can provide the complete solution including the video content creation. Get in touch with us using the contact form, or give us a call to talk about your project and what you are looking for. Our team is ready to work with you to achieve your goals!

Products Supplied

  • Optics

Hendricks Gin Centre

Seamill Hydro Hotel

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