Project Description

Exciting Eye Catching Effect Using Levitation Cake for Weddings

Transform an ordinary wedding into an extraordinary one with the mesmerizing Levitation Display. Elevate your imagination with our available options for sale or rent, allowing you to create awe-inspiring moments that leave a lasting impression. This versatile display is not limited to weddings alone; it can be seamlessly integrated into various types of events, as demonstrated in the captivating image below featuring Yoda levitating a cake.

Virtual On takes pride in being the global leader in supplying WOW effects and captivating disruptive displays that never fail to amaze. With our innovative offerings, we provide the perfect tools to captivate your audience and create unforgettable experiences. Let us be your go-to partner in bringing your wildest ideas to life and creating extraordinary moments that will be cherished forever.

levitating flowers
Yoda make levitate a cake

If you are looking for new and amazing ways to have a unique weeding Virtual On is can do Video Mapping Projections over the cake, see bellow some samples.