Project Description

LEGO shown as holograms at FNAC

LEGO POS Holograms at FNAC Ternes Paris France 3

Location: Two FNAC department stores in the heart of Paris
Venue: FNAC department stores
Customer: LEGO
Agency: FNAC department stores

Services Provided:

The collaboration between Virtual On and FNAC department stores aimed to enhance the LEGO Christmas campaign by creating an immersive and engaging experience for customers. The objectives included installing captivating holographic displays at the entrance of two prominent stores, providing custom-designed stands, and crafting a diverse range of captivating video content to complement the campaign. The goal was to draw the attention of customers and passersby, offering an interactive and personalized shopping experience.

Virtual On executed the project by installing two captivating holographic displays at the entrance of FNAC department stores in Paris. Custom-designed stands were provided to enhance the visual appeal of the displays. The team went above and beyond by crafting a wide range of engaging video content, offering customers 20 diverse options to choose from. The interactive and personalized experience aimed to elevate the overall shopping experience during the LEGO Christmas campaign.

The collaboration successfully drew the attention of numerous customers and passersby, creating a unique and memorable experience during the LEGO Christmas campaign. The seamless blend of advanced holographic technology, custom-designed stands, and engaging video content contributed to the success of the project. The results reflected the commitment of Virtual On to deliver exceptional visual solutions and immersive experiences in the retail industry.

Customer’s Feedback
Specific feedback from the customer is not provided. However, the successful execution of the project suggests a positive reception, and the immersive experience likely resonated with customers, contributing to the overall success of the LEGO Christmas campaign in collaboration with FNAC department stores.

Products Supplied

  • Holographic Display

  • Stand

  • Video Content

  • Interactive Tablet

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