Project Description

Virtual Mannequin is a Virtual Holographic Presenter Capable to Explain a Message 24/7

We collaborated with TATA Consulting Services (TCS) to design a captivating and attention-grabbing exhibit. Our creation, the Virtual Mannequin, offers a unique and engaging way to present information in a human-like manner. This innovative display has been successfully deployed at numerous events throughout the United Kingdom, captivating audiences with its pre-organized and informative content.

The interactive nature of the Virtual Mannequin proved to be the ideal solution, effectively delivering messages that piqued the curiosity of visitors, prompting them to delve deeper into the subject matter by selecting options from the touch menu. By seamlessly blending technology and interactivity, we provided TCS with a powerful tool that facilitated an immersive and interactive experience for their audience.

As a manufacturer, we take pride in our ability to tailor our displays to meet the specific needs of each customer. We understand that every client has unique requirements, and we strive to deliver customized solutions that align with their vision and objectives. Our flexible approach ensures that we can adapt and modify our displays to create a truly personalized experience for every client we serve.

Services Provided

  • Interactive Virtual Mannequin

  • Filming

  • Post Edition

  • Installation in London

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