Project Description

Virtual Mannequin presenter for Truma

Virtual On was entrusted with the task of designing a Virtual Mannequin for Truma to promote their range of products. The Virtual Presenter made its debut at the prestigious Caravan show held at the NEC in Birmingham. One of the remarkable advantages of Virtual Presenters is their versatility, as they can be utilized repeatedly. Thus, this particular Virtual Mannequin is set to make appearances at numerous upcoming Truma shows and events.

Virtual On proudly delivered not only the Virtual Mannequin itself but also took charge of creating all the accompanying video content, including the filming process. The result is a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and captivating visuals that effectively captivated the audience and showcased Truma’s products in a truly innovative and engaging manner.

The successful implementation of the Virtual Mannequin at the Caravan show has paved the way for its continued use in future Truma events, ensuring a consistent and impactful presence. Virtual On’s comprehensive solution encompassing the Virtual Mannequin and the meticulously curated video content demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Products Supplied

  • Virtual Mannequin all in one

  • Touch Screen

  • Video Content

  • Interactive Software

Main markets