Project Description

Centennial Splendour: Interactive Holographic Tribute at Solís Theatre, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Virtual On Interactive holographic projection Teatro Solis Uruguay

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
Venue: Solís Theatre, Reception Area
Customer: Radio El Espectador
Agency: Hoop

Services Provided:

  • Motion graphics creation
  • Holographic Screen
  • Installation and technical support on venue
  • Touch Screen

To commemorate El Espectador’s centennial anniversary, the objective was to create an innovative installation at Solís Theatre, blending tradition with technology. The focal point was an Interactive Holographic Screen Projection Holographic Screen Projection that showcased influential figures from El Espectador’s history. The installation aimed to engage attendees through a user-friendly touch screen interface, offering a curated selection of personalities associated with the radio.

VirtualOn’s Uruguayan partner, Hoop, executed the project, designing and implementing the Interactive Holographic Screen Projection in the reception area of Solís Theatre. The transparent screen featured iconic radio hosts, celebrities, and key figures, accompanied by an audio component playing memorable broadcasts. The execution seamlessly blended tradition and technology, creating a captivating and immersive experience for the attendees.

The event successfully blended tradition with forward-looking excitement, creating a captivating and immersive experience that celebrated a hundred years of live broadcasting for El Espectador. The Interactive Holographic Screen Projection received acclaim for resonating with nostalgia while embracing innovative technology.

Customer’s Feedback
“The client expressed glowing satisfaction with the project, highlighting its ability to celebrate the centennial anniversary by creating a memorable experience for attendees. The installation effectively engaged the audience, combining historical significance with cutting-edge technology”.

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