Project Description

Holographic Screen Hotel Sofitel London Heathrow

We supplied a free standing Holographic Screen for a event

Within the framework of a prestigious business conference organized by a well-known global corporation, Virtual On had the privilege of supplying an impressive holographic screen that served as a captivating and eye-catching tool during the attendees’ break sessions. The aim was to create a memorable and engaging experience that would leave a lasting impression on the guests.

The holographic screen, strategically positioned in a prominent area, drew the attention of conference participants with its stunning visuals and futuristic appeal. As attendees took a break from the conference proceedings, they were mesmerized by the holographic display, which showcased captivating content and showcased the corporate message in an innovative and visually striking manner. The dynamic and immersive nature of the holographic display created an electrifying atmosphere, capturing the audience’s attention and amplifying the impact of the presentations and speeches.

This remarkable use of holographic technology in the conference setting exemplifies how even with a modest investment, an event can be elevated to new heights by incorporating an amazing and attractive element. By leveraging the power of holography, the business conference successfully engaged and enthralled its audience, leaving a lasting impression and reinforcing the company’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technologies.

Products Supplied

  • Holographic Screen

  • Base with integrated speakers

  • Delivery setup and instalation