Project Description

3D Holographic Projection Screen with a real time Telepresence in Toronto, Canada

In the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada, an awe-inspiring 3D Holographic Projection unfolded, immersing the audience in an unforgettable experience. A distinguished VIP guest materialized on stage as a life-sized hologram, captivating the crowd with a mesmerizing presentation. What set this holographic display apart was its remarkable interactivity, transcending the realm of pre-recorded videos. The hologram seamlessly transformed into a real-time Holographic Telepresence, enabling the audience to engage with the hologram and participate in an interactive dialogue.

The realization of this extraordinary spectacle required the expertise of two dedicated teams. One team meticulously filmed and captured the essence of the VIP guest, while another team skilfully set up the intricate holographic projection system. The result was an astonishing fusion of technology and artistry, bringing the hologram to life on the holographic screen with impeccable precision.

This remarkable Holographic Projection Telepresence formed an integral part of a larger marketing campaign orchestrated by an esteemed international agency. While the details of this captivating endeavour are safeguarded by a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement, we assure you that the event left an indelible impression on all who witnessed it.

At Virtual On, we specialize in pushing the boundaries of holographic technology, and this remarkable achievement exemplifies our commitment to innovation. Our passion for creating unforgettable experiences through Mixed Reality, including holograms, projection mapping, interactivity, and Virtual and Augmented Reality, remains at the forefront of our mission.

Should you desire to embark on a similarly extraordinary journey, Virtual On stands ready to bring your vision to life. From conceptualization to execution, our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and breathtaking Holographic Projection Telepresence that captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impact.

Contact us today to explore the limitless possibilities of holographic technology and discover how Virtual On can elevate your next event or marketing campaign. Let us help you transcend boundaries and create moments of wonder that will be remembered for years to come.

Holographic 3D telepresence

Services Provided

  • Holographic Screen

  • Lighting and decoration

  • Projection System

  • Projection team on location

  • VFX: Computer-generated visual effects

  • Installation

  • Filming team capturing video

  • Live video streaming hardware and software

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