Project Description

Holographic Projection Screen in Paris, France

Virtual On‘s Holographic Stage has revolutionized the way VIP guests are presented at corporate events, trade shows, and various occasions. This cutting-edge system enables the real-time display of individuals located in different parts of the world.

In this remarkable instance, the venue was set in the enchanting city of Paris, France, while the esteemed speaker found themselves in the vibrant metropolis of San Francisco, California, USA. Our sophisticated technology seamlessly captures the speaker’s live performance, processing the video in real-time and transmitting it to the venue. Through meticulous alignment with the holographic screen, a captivating and lifelike full-size holographic representation of the person materializes before the audience’s eyes. Witness the awe-inspiring sight of a remote speaker interacting with the crowd as if they were physically present, bridging vast distances with seamless connectivity. This extraordinary showcase was organized as part of a grand campaign orchestrated by a renowned global marketing agency, and in accordance with a signed non-disclosure agreement, further details cannot be disclosed at this time.

Embracing the concept of Mixed Reality, we enter an extraordinary realm where traditional video displays meld with innovative techniques of image processing. This captivating approach fuses together disparate elements, such as holograms seamlessly interacting with tangible objects, creating a truly mesmerizing experience. At Virtual On, we specialize in crafting complex and exceptional projects, offering an extensive range of products, services, and a highly skilled team of professionals. Explore our captivating collection of 3D Holographic Displays, Holographic LED Fans, Levitation Displays, Virtual Mannequins, and delve into the realms of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and much more.

Immerse yourself in the endless possibilities that Mixed Reality unveils, where the boundaries between the virtual and the physical dissolve, and innovation knows no bounds. Partner with us to bring your wildest visions to life, and let us embark on a journey of captivating displays and unforgettable experiences. Contact us today and unlock the extraordinary world of Virtual On.

Holographic 3D telepresence

Services Provided

  • Holographic Screen

  • Lighting and decoration

  • Projection System

  • Projection team on location

  • VFX: Computer-generated visual effects

  • Installation

  • Filming team capturing video

  • Live video streaming hardware and software

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