Project Description

Our New Digital Blackboard has become necessary for retail shops due to its effectiveness on delivering messages and advertising the shop by keeping customers informed. Now the new Smart canvas is the evolution of Advertising Boards.

Our new and innovating Drawing App enables users to catch attention even easier. You can draw eye-catching messages for customers any time and anywhere by just one click and your message will appear on the Smart Canvas with incredible effects.

Take a look to this video to see how and where you can use them.

Here are some reasons why you should use them:

Everything done from your smart phone. – Just plug in Smart Canvas. No need to touch any
more (All by smart phone in your hand)

Eye-catching effects. – choose from the many effects available to maximise the impact on customers. (Maximize information delivery power)
Innovative marketing platform – Promote the exchange of contents between different users.

Simple eye-catching messages. – The Drawing App is easy to use and provides a range of different backgrounds, clip arts and templates.