Project Description

100 Gecs Video Clip, Holographic Projection Los Angeles, California.


Location: Los Angeles, US
Venue: Abandoned Energy Plant
Customer: Atlantic Records

Services Provided:

  • Holographic Screen
  • Projection team on site
  • Installation
  • Projection System

Virtual On collaborated with Atlantic Records to provide a captivating Holographic Projection as a pivotal element of the official video clip for “Dumbest Girl Alive” by the talented artists, 100 gecs. The filming location was set at an abandoned energy plant near Los Angeles. The objectives included seamlessly integrating advanced holographic technology to enhance the visual storytelling of the music video.

With over ten years of experience in Holographic Projection, Virtual On, in collaboration with the esteemed production company Dump LLC, worked closely with Laura Les, Dylan Brady, and their group to bring this extraordinary project to life. The dedicated team leveraged their expertise to push the boundaries of what’s possible with Holograms, Interaction, Virtual and Augmented Reality environments, creating an immersive experience that transported audiences into the realm of Mixed Reality.

The project showcased Virtual On’s trailblazing role in innovative technology, solidifying its reputation as an industry leader. The captivating Holographic Projection added a unique dimension to the official music video, aligning with the vision of 100 gecs and Atlantic Records. The immersive experience created through seamless integration of cutting-edge technology left a lasting impression on viewers.

Customer’s Feedback
The collaboration with Virtual On, Dump LLC, and the talented artists received positive feedback, highlighting the success of the Holographic Projection in enhancing the storytelling of “Dumbest Girl Alive.” Virtual On’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling and providing top-tier Mixed Reality solutions was acknowledged and appreciated.