Project Description

Holographic Projection Telepresence in Las Vegas, Nevada

Once again Virtual On’s Holographic Stage was used to connect an audience with a remote speaker when distance and time made impossible to do the conference. Using the Teleprecence and Hologram on Stage, the speaker was able to deliver his message to the audience.

The event is part of a tour for mayor capitals all over the world, in this case Las Vegas was the hosted city.

As the event was managed by a large marketing agency and due a Non Disclosure Agreement, we can’t share more information such as pictures or videos. Virtual On is a leading supplier of Holographic Projections, Holographic Displays, Disruptive Eye Catching Technologies worldwide.

Holographic 3D telepresence

Services Provided

  • Holographic Screen

  • Lighting and decoration

  • Projection System

  • Projection team on location

  • VFX: Computer-generated visual effects

  • Installation

  • Filming team capturing video

  • Live video streaming hardware and software

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