Project Description

Real time Telepresence as a Holographic Projection in Amsterdam Netherlands

A VIP guest was tele-transported to Amsterdam, The Netherlands from Los Angeles, California, US as part of a global event that took place within a group of selected capitals all over the world. The amazing effect is created doing two things, capturing the video and displaying it.

To capture the video, there was a team doing the filming while projecting the hologram there was another team setting up the stage. The Holographic Projection Telepresence was a part of a big event managed by a global marketing agency, an NDA was signed and restricting us to give more details about the project.

Virtual On is a global supplier of high-end technology focus on Holograms, Interactivity, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

Holographic 3D telepresence

Services Provided

  • Holographic Screen

  • Lighting and decoration

  • Projection System

  • Projection team on location

  • VFX: Computer-generated visual effects

  • Installation

  • Filming team capturing video

  • Live video streaming hardware and software

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