Project Description

Risk and SG logos shown in a LED fan

In collaboration with Infopro Digital, we embarked on an exciting project that involved supplying two holographic fans and the accompanying video content. These remarkable fans were employed at the Societe Generale & RISKnet event held in London. By displaying rotating logos in mid-air, the holographic fans created a captivating and immersive 3D effect.

Infopro Digital expressed their delight with the exceptional video content we produced and the impeccable quality of the holographic fans. This partnership extended for two consecutive years at the prestigious Mayfair Hotel, where our holographic fans and video content contributed to the event’s success.

The combination of our cutting-edge holographic fans and the thoughtfully curated video content resulted in a visually stunning and engaging experience for attendees. The holographic fans not only showcased the logos with elegance but also brought them to life in a dynamic and eye-catching manner. We are honored to have played a part in enhancing the event’s ambiance and delivering a memorable experience at the Mayfair Hotel year after year.

Products Supplied

  • LED Fan

  • Video Content

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