Project Description

Simple but Elegant Video for the Holographic LED Fan Display

The latest innovation in holographic technology, known as the ‘Holographic LED Fan Display,’ has gained immense popularity in recent months. These projector displays create the illusion of projecting holograms in mid-air, captivating audiences worldwide.

Virtual On is proud to offer these cutting-edge displays in large quantities, serving customers globally. Our customers often opt to purchase both the display unit and a custom video content to enhance the visual experience. For instance, a rotating logo video is a highly recommended choice for the LED Fan display.

We’re thrilled to see an increasing number of renowned companies like Footasylum and Framestore placing their trust in us for their display and video content needs. As shown in the image above, we offer various sizes to cater to different project requirements. Get in touch with us today to find the perfect fit for your project and take your visual presentation to new heights.

Some of Our Customers Using the Holographic Fan Display

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  • Holographic Fan Display

  • Video Content

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